Marissa Hogan

Hospitality. Events. Public Relations. Communications 

I'm passionate about communications, events, food, beverage, & southern hospitality... 

As a shy girl growing up with traditional southern parents to constantly remind me to open my mouth and speak, I came to learn that words were powerful tools for human interaction. Fueled by a desire to positively influence ideas, emotions, attitudes, and behavior, I studied Mass Communication at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where I was challenged to learn all aspects of media: internet, television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. In May 2011, I graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communication and minors in Film & Media Arts and English. 

After graduating I gained experience in different aspects of communication and media, and eventually found my niche in hospitality.  Like anyone from the Big Easy, I like to have a good time and celebrate life with a smile on my face. Today, I work in hospitality food and beverage and event planning. The exhilaration in inviting and uniting locals, transplants, and visitors from around the world to share and experience the vibrant life and culture flowing through every street drew me to the University of New Orleans Masters Program in Hospitality Tourism. 

In my spare time, I love to learn, write, drink, eat and enjoy art. This draws me to local writing groups, book stores, art museums, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, internships, freelance assignments, and random projects in media and writing. 

Happy Viewing,

Marissa Hogan